Straight Outta the White House: Sanctioned Domestic Terrorism

Trump’s the very reason why the (overt) Aaron schlossbergs exists in America, today. He’s nothing more than a domestic terrorist who’s been given a blank check and permission to sit in the white house and draw out the racist bigots to fuck up the little bit of perceived progress that had been made. But, looking at the bright side of this moron’s bs, this punch in the face of reality might just be what the blind needs to open their eyes and get it together.


His-Story, Our Tribulations

What I’ve come to realize is that WE (black people) shouldn’t be settling for the monickers and steroetypes that society has placed on us because, many times, our behavior and actions are a result of OUR (black ppl) individual pasts, which are often times a result of our history; a HIS-story written by somebody else.

America Feels Sorry For, and Defends Its White Criminals

Watching an interview with five “young males” to see where America has “failed them” because they’re (males) the ones committing these mass shootings (3 white males, one black and one biracial). THAT is NOT the young BLACK male’s problem in America because they’re NOT the ones committing those shootings; they are, however, the ones on the opposite end of guns, and being shot by people they’re supposed to trust. And even IF they’ve “acted in a manner that lead to their death”, isn’t that also worthy of an interview on where America has failed young males?? I knew it was only a matter of time before America stood up and defended the actions of these “poor little white boy” criminals/racists/terrorists Smh.

If black males were committing these crimes, they, 1, wouldn’t be trying to figure out “where we’ve failed them (there wouldn’t be a collective cause; it would be solely blamed on black parenting and the lack of fathering or economic stability), and 2, they wouldn’t have any white males inclusive in the interview (there’d definitely be a separation of the whites from the blacks).

If America wants blacks to stop “acting racist and inciting racial violence”, it needs to STOP doing racist shit to us! Our actions and attitudes are in direct response to ALL of the bullshit that America has been putting blacks through since they kidnapped and forced us over here. We didn’t need you (America), you needed us–let that settle in. And then once you saw what we were capable of (when we taught ourselves valuable lessons, including how to speak your language), you did everything that you could to keep us down, including destroying our neighborhoods by allowing drugs into them (we weren’t growing coca or marijuana plants), removing funding from our schools and locking our black men up for crimes that they committed for selling YOUR drugs (to survive because you also took our businesses and jobs away)!

Are we racist? No, the majority of us aren’t. Are we prejudice? Yes, and rightfully so because white people have given us reason after reason to pre-judge them. Are we angry? Yes, as would be anybody being treated like black people in this country. Do we hate ALL white people? Absolutely not, as we’re intelligent enough to know that not all white people have these superiority and hate-filled ideologies.

ALL we want is respect and equality in a country that we helped to build, and that we continue to help fund.

What is Hypocrisy? The U.S. National Anthem

It’s fuck’n HI-LAR-I-OUS to me how ANGRY people in America get over how their national anthem is sung, or who sings it, but have NO regard towards the injustice against people of color, in particularly black people. That makes the national anthem a song of hypocrisy. Oh wait! No it’s not. If you keep singing beyond the first verse, you’d understand that the song/poem was written to mock and celebrate the oppression of black people, and, in other words, celebrate slavery and the death and destruction that went along with it. So why, again, are people upset about how a poem is put to music and sang??

Woman Are Women, Men Are Men

When I was in my twenties, and newly married, I read the book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. Although I understood the philosophy behind the author’s take on relationships, it still didn’t make things better for me and my husband. We continued to argue, and continued to be confused by each other’s actions, moods and behaviors.

It wasn’t until we’d divorced, 19 years later, that it finally hit me that men and women are just inherently DIFFERENT! These differences cause us not to see things in the same light. Women tend to be more optimistic, while our counterparts like to think of themselves as “realists”. These differences, on more occasions than none, cause many MANY arguments between the two diversely different sexes. This then leads to frustration, fatigue, and sometimes even disdain 💔.

At the current level of misunderstanding and confusion, regarding the opposite sex, relationships are sure to become extinct, leaving people to only have casual hookups, relationships with absolutely no meaning. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The trick to not throwing your hands up and walking away from commitment is to understand that the differences between men and women are universal. This means that the silly, but very annoying quirks that your mate has, your friend is probably having the SAME issues with their mate. Go and ask them, I’ll wait….

Ok, are you convinced, yet? Well then, before ditching your relationships for some casual “situationships”, try really evaluating it. Ask yourself if what irks you about your mate is worth throwing him or her to someone else. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Taking the easy way out basically means that you’re either willing to start over with somebody new, who will probably have the SAME or similar quirks as the person you walked away from, or spending your days and nights playing love roulette. In your evaluation, ask yourself what the pros and cons, good and bad are of your relationship. If there are more pros and good, then learn to effectively communicate with your mate, and in the process, learn the art of walking away from the minor pettiness 💘.

When You Know You’ve Been Scolded

Sometimes we can easily miss God’s voice. But sometimes He squares up and slaps us right in the face. Well, God just slapped the heck out of me! Somebody posted something that I felt was written with me in mind, and IMMEDIATELY I went to my page, and clapped back, tactfully though 😉. Of course, if I keep it real with myself, there are only a few reasons why I would assume that I was a part of this person’s social media declaration. Either we had an active beef, somebody had put a bug in my ear, I had done something to incite it, or somebody else was inciting drama between us. Anyway, after making my post, I was suddenly reminded that I had not read my bible plan that morning, so I disconnected myself from social media, and started reading my day 5 of 10 reading plan. The moment when I “suddenly” remembered to read my bible plan was when I realized that God was “scolding” me. However, when I read His word, I knew that He was indeed slapping some sense into me:

God: “Here are the two ways we judge others: when you see someone’s actions and you make an estimate as to the value or worth of that person, or when you think you know why he did what he did”.

This was exactly what I had just done when I read the person’s post. How many people haven’t done the same thing? Well fortunately, God is an awesome and forgiving teacher who shows us how to overcome this type of thinking, which when you think about it, is quite burdensome.

I said all of that to say this, we, as “kids”, are going to do dumb s***, but like most “parents” God is going to scold us, guide us and continue to love us. The trick to all of it is to not continue doing the same exact dumb s***.<<<<

What is Acting and Talking Black/White?

It amazes me how unreal, we as people, can be. Too many times I see people acting dumbfounded by a simple statement, formed by one and two syllable words. Anybody who’s been around a variety of people, blacks and whites, in particularly, know very well what is meant by the phrase “acting or talking black/white”. Let’s be honest, there are in deed certain things, such as style, mannerisms, and vernacular that are generally seen more within one group/race than another. Now, with that card being played, and no it’s not the “race card”, let’s take another look at the phrase “acting or talking black/white”. First, let’s clear up what it is NOT. A person who acts or talks black is no less intelligent than somebody who acts or talks white, just as a person who acts or talks white is no more intelligent.

So what exactly is acting/talking black/white? Often times it’s a cultural thing, meaning that people are generally a product of their environment. In other words, if a black person is raised around white people, they’re more than likely going to develop their sense of style, their mannerisms and their way of speaking from that culture. Unfortunately, this often times leads to them being labeled as “acting and talking white” by blacks not raised in that culture. This, however, has absolutely nothing to do with their level of intellect, which brings me to another point. WHY are blacks, and EVERYTHING they (we) do, always considered to be less than that of their racial counterparts?? People born into a racist and/or Marxist society have been generationally brainwashed to believe that being white equates to superiority, while being black equates to struggle and inferiority. While the former is real, the latter is NOT. It’s true that because of this brainwashing, and also “black history”, black people have, for the most part, had to struggle to obtain a portion of the success afforded to white people by birthright, heritage and legacy. The same goes for a white person raised predominantly around black people; they’re going to adopt the ways of that group, yet, it doesn’t mean they’re budheads and unemployed derelicts.

So, the next time you hear a black or white person acting or talking in a manner that’s not typically associated with their race, unless you know that it’s some fake wannabe bullshit, which does exist, but that’s another blog for another day, don’t turn your nose up at them and assume that it’s because they’re trying to be something that they’re not because it could simply be due to how they were raised.